Grant/Scholarship Management Software

Increase grant/scholarship program efficiency and participant engagement


Reviewr, is a web-based application management software used by organizations to manage grants and scholarships. Reviewr's innovative technology and proven Grant Management Process (GMP) allows organizations to streamline the grant/scholarship management process while providing a highly engaging experience to participants. From the intake of applications to grantee selection - Reviewr has you covered. No more paperwork. No more spreadsheets. Just Reviewr.

What is Reviewr?

Reviewr is your start to finish grant/scholarship management portal with proven models for success

Grant Management Process

Simple process to increase nominations

Save time with automated operations

Increase award awareness and visibility

Streamline the selection process

Increase participant engagement

Get the word out

Launch your marketing landing page for visibility and application collection. Configure an application process that promotes ease of use and increased participation. 

  • Quick deployment of marketing landing page
  • Custom application forms
  • Email triggered action for referrer to submit letters and supporting documents
  • Custom application workflows


Streamline key activities


Manage every aspect of your grant/scholarship all in one place. 

  • Dashboard with program metrics
  • Built in communication tools with email templates
  • Custom workflows/phases/categories
  • Share grantee profiles with review team members
  • Online evaluation, selection, and feedback
  • Download free document access
  • Reports and analytics

Celebrate success


Marketing never stops. Increase community engagement by celebrating grant program success with built in post-grant marketing tools.

  • Public vote or showcase page of grant recipients
  • Post-grant particpant surveying
  • Program archiving for year over year comparison
  • Ongoing grantee access for data upkeep

You're in great company

Don't take our word. See our testimonials.

"Reviewr made reporting statistics on the event so much easier. The administrative interface was easy to maneuver; the Information we needed was readily accessible and understandable"

"15 minutes with Reviewr versus four hours with my old manual system"

Amy / University of Washington

Jacob / MIT

"There's no way we could have pulled off an event like this without Reviewr"

"Having one overall hub to maintain and collect all applicants, reviewers, and judges is critical. Reviewr became that hub and worked extremely well and will continue to use for years to come."

Cindy / Social Venture Partners

Claudiene / Jolly Time Popcorn

Reviewr is the industry leader in grant management software powering grants/scholarships programs globally. Reviewr leverages proven best practices from some of the worlds most prestigious programs to create a simple and automated grant methodology. Reviewr is here to streamline your grant management process while providing engagement to all the users involved.

Proven results

Bring efficiency to your grants today!